What is Airysole and how does it augment the footwear brands?

If you are a footwear brand and want to augment the brand value by delivering the lavish experience to your customers, then you probably need Airysole - The soul of soles.

Simply put, Airysole is a leading manufacturer of lightweight PU soles. Footwear brands use Airysole products such as Outsoles, Midsoles, Insoles, Footbeds, and Cork Footbeds in shoes and sandals. These help them build fantastic footwear wearing experience for their customers.

Airysole is known for its expertise in developing PU Soles of any complex design and in any color within stipulated time frame. Not only this, but Airysole is only a PU Sole manufacturer in India who can make Cork Footbeds in different colors. So far Airysole has developed more than 600 designs of soles for the world's leading brands such as Red Chief, Bata India, Woodland, Hush Puppies, Red Tape, Lee Cooper, Effegi, Lascoski, Kangaroos, Valentino, Majestic and many more.

Airysole PU Sole Products


Made of high quality polyurethane (PU) material, Airysole Outsoles are lightweight, comes with the finest grip, water resistance, shock absorption and excellent long term mechanical properties that add more durability and comfort to footwear of any purpose.


Made of high quality polyurethane (PU) material to create a firm Midsole that provides maximum protection from impact. It provides great cushioning and shock absorption.


Designed for more comfortable and supportive feet. Our removable Insoles control odor and moisture, and absorb shock that gives excellent wearing experience.


Made of high quality polyurethane (PU) material, Airysole Footbeds are flexible, durable and lightweight that provide great comfort and a better feet experience.

Cork Footbeds:

Made of a great mixture of high quality polyurethane (PU) and cork material, Airysole Cork Footbeds are a firm and resilient base for maximum support.

Gel Heel Pads:

The easy to feet Airysole Gel Heel pads are made from high quality PU material. It provides great cushioning for outrageous comfort and shock absorption all day long.

With having Italian collaboration in the past, Airysole has deployed a state of the art Italian technology to produce the best quality PU soles which not only provide a reliable base for the footwear but augmented many leading footwear brands globally. Airysole's robust infrastructure consists R&D Department, 5 production lines having a capacity of producing 4.5 million pairs of PU soles annually and quality control lab that meets customer's expectations, every time. All these are operated and managed by our 300 plus qualified engineers, chemical analysts, designers and skilled people.

Airysole's soles are made from high quality polyurethane material imported from Italy and tested during the production and before the finished goods leaves the factory in order to deliver the soles with the most complete features: strength, flexibility, durability, comfort and safety.

Airysole is on the mission of helping every footwear brand in the world, achieve their mission through its core values such as Integrity, Quality, Innovation, Commitment and Passion.

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